Zoom for FINRA

Zoom for FINRA is a video and audio conferencing solution that allows users to communicate and collaborate around FINRA, and with external guests.

The easiest way to join a scheduled Zoom meeting is by clicking on the link in the email invitation to join from the device you are using (PC, Mac or Smartphone).

Alternatively, if you have the meeting ID, you can use one of the following methods:

Desktop or Smartphone

Click on "Join" at the top of this page.


US (Toll):+1 669 444 9133
US (Toll-Free):+1 833 445 1212
International:See list of phone numbers by country

Videoconference Endpoint

SIP:***Meeting ID***@zoomcrc.com
H.323:Dial the IP address for your region, and enter the meeting ID.
US East162.255.36.11
US West162.255.37.11
South America64.211.144.160


  *The Zoom app is installed on all FINRA computers, and no additional install is required to join meetings.
    Please contact FINRA Help Desk for any app issues.